Launching a new model Audi A8 L
Privat installation with smart glass

We continue to acquaint Moscow with advanced technologies — it is our mission. From now until March 19, it will be possible to evaluate the "secret" installation of the new model of the impeccable Audi A8 L in the Central Department Store. But from March 19 and up to 31 in the same Central Department store, an open exposition of the new A8 L will also work.

What kind of "secret" installation, perhaps, you will ask? We can immediately respond. A box of smart smart glass was built in the corners of Audi. The box makes the inside of the car visible only for a minute — for this the guest needs only to raise his hand. The glass turns from dull to transparent very quickly. 

The match: smart glass is an innovative material, consisting of the actual glass panes and a layer of liquid crystals between them. When electric current is passed, liquid crystals get an ordered structure, transforming the smart glass from toned to absolutely transparent. Here it is, magic! Here it is, physics!