Innovative presentation of the new Lamborghini URUS
The DNA of the impossible

In the evening of February 15, we heard from the scene in the Museum of Moscow the following words: "Thanks to the Russian team for organizing an incredible event, a wonderful venue and show — and you know, this presentation is now bench mark in the car market. "This was said by one smiling and excited Italian. His name is Stefano Domenicali, and he is CEO and Chairman of the Board of Automobili Lamborghini. The second one - respected Italian, the adviser-envoy of the Italian Embassy in Russia, Michele Tommasi, commented: «Today's presentation of Urus— is the brightest and most impressive in the world! I feel sorry for your competitors.»

And now — a short story what was preceded.
Lamborghini. Once for Soviet comrades, and now for Russians, it's always a story from the wondrous world, an object from the dream world, where ideal people cross an exemplary terrain on a reference car. Approximately such a picture appeared in the heads of DEPARTÁMENT employees, when the customer put on our table a contract with the Bologna motor-car manufacturer.

Wow! We were offered to make a presentation of Lamborghini URUS, a car of a fundamentally new class. There is no need to say that such projects excite our creative principle in the maximum possible way. We did not need to "hold out" the object, it was not meaningful to pump the original idea from the very beginning - we got real beauty in our hands, a masterpiece. We had to much. The challenge was accepted and DEPARTÁMENT with SILA SVETA decided to show the world everything that is possible to do.

For the main show, we first used the projection on the kinetic surfaces, created a setup of 56 triangles equipped with LEDs around the perimeter (almost 300 meters of light tape), 14 4K resolution projectors were used — in general, our bombs were as good as it even possible. During the development of the show, perspective and angle of view were taken into account, as a result, all possible surfaces of the site, from concrete columns to giant kinetic arrays, worked on us. The location turned into one multifunctional space and everything around turned into a single four-dimensional and animated frame.