AUDI: Artificial Intelligence vs YOU
Real AI dreams revealed at the AUDI A5 presentation

Artificial intellect can do a lot of things. It is able to create the paragon of what a car can be, but it will never enjoy driving it. If the artificial intelligence could dream, it would dream of the new AUDI A5. This motto inspired us to strike another goal in the art of automobile presentation and create a fantastic multimedia show in cooperation with our friends, Sila Sveta and Interactive Lab.

The debut of the updated AUDI A5 COUPE in Moscow became the world’s first presentation featuring real-time motion tracking technology. The new car’s advantages were explored in the «Artificial Intelligence vs YOU» innovation show.

«AI VS YOU» creative concept was the event’s main topic and the basis of an innovation show scenario featuring real-time motion tracking technology. The car was both the protagonist and the author of its own presentation – it artistically brushed over the show’s projection zone to fully direct the mapping scenario. Special sensors enabled us to track the car on the 300-meter projection area and a hi-tech tracking system synchronized the graphics and the lighting with the car’s movement.

Over 400 people watched the spectacular multimedia show from a specifically angled podium. Synchronized calls to the guests’ smartphones, with AI voicing But you will! became the show’s climax.

To make this ambitious show come true, DEPARTÁMENT’s team chose a unique industrial space with 8-meter high ceilings and a total surface of 2500 square meters over a thousand of other event venues in Moscow. It took us 10 days to transform a giant warehouse to the north of Moscow into an architectural project with multiple functional zones and loads of sci-fi decorations. The omnipresence of AI was revealed by our interactive solutions, design and sound concepts. We are grateful to our partners - ArtStyle Media, Synergy, Atmosphera.

Ivan Urgant, Ksenia Sobchak, Viktoria Isakova and other famous Audi-lovers visited the show.