Collective ride to the stratosphere on new AUDI A4

The smart robotized new generation Audi A4 is by all means a guest from the future, so we decided that during the first Russian test-drive drivers should see space out of their car window. "No borders, no limits. We wanted to do something out of the box that people would talk about for a long time in the event-weary Moscow. I thank DEPARTÁMENT for putting it thorough", says event manager Yekaterina Pokidova. "Building a space portal on the first floor of a shopping mall – even so futuristic as the Tsvetnoy shopping center — was a risky experiment. But all our fears were gone on the first day when we couldn’t see the end of the queue of people lining up to see the installation".


A futuristic hemisphere with orbital rings and moons that looked like a NASA shuttle prototype or a huge ball for a game of golf on Andromeda Nebula’s fields, had the new Audi A4 sitting in the center. When a new tester takes the wheel, puts on 3D glasses and switches on the ignition, a grand performance started to play out on the dome’s inner wall to spirit the driver away for a superhigh-speed journey far beyond our Galaxy.

"We like doing projects tagged ‘world’s first’. It’s great that our partners from Audi Russia are always curious about our ideas and ready to cooperate and create with us something that nobody has ever done!"

Petr Ivanov, Creative Director

One turn of the wheel, and your 'spaceship' will easily ditch a star shower or avoid a fiery sprite flash. Another turn, and you can admire the most breathtaking sunset in the universe or the birth of a new star, or the magic dance of four planets that come together to form Audi’s famous rings. You decide which one of them to choose for inhabiting.

Over the two week of the #a4space interactive space installation over 3000 people took the test-drive. And we are grateful to our partner ArtStyle Media. The show’s obvious success was then boosted in VR format – eight more days visitors of the Tsvetnoy mall put on Samsung Galaxy VR headsets to take an unforgettable interstellar journey.