Two thousand people had a chance to drive virtual AUDI Q7

The #imagineQ7 show became the most important car debut of 2015. The first 100 lucky visitors of the Audi Q7 presentation that took place at the Garage museum were also the first viewers of the world’s first VR-cinema and the pioneers of event marketing new era.

The night had seven film shows in a row and Ivan Urgant, Leonid Parfyonov, Polina Kitsenko, Sergey Mazayev, Anton Belov, Daria Malygina and 700 more viewers were the first to see our ‘movie’. A month after the premiere the VR-cinema toured to Saint Petersburg and Chelyabinsk, so in total the virtual Audi Q7 was experienced by over 2000 people. They took the virtual wheel in slight confusion and got out of the trance with eyes full of amazement, gasps and desire to immediately share their impressions.

"The new Audi Q7 presentation became a real breakthrough in the event industry, and we became VR pioneers on the automobile market".

Yekaterina Pokidova, Audi Russia

DEPARTÁMENT designed an interactive cinema hall that looked minimalistic and sci-fi – a hundred snow-white bar chairs and as many Samsung Gear VR concept headsets which had been tested by us long before the official sales launch. As soon as the guests put on the glasses and plunged into Audi’s alternative world, the most fascinating thing happened — the walls started to crumble, the bottom dropped out and Moon was the destination.

Our partners Sila Sveta, Interactive Lab and NEKST KONNEKT helped us to write the virtual script, synch 100 VR-heads and create a 360° reality. Together we launched our viewers for an exciting space journey, took them across a megacity on Audi Q7 extreme speeds, showed the crossover’s interior in every detail and talked about its advantages in a light and soothing manner. After each show a real car was magically teleported into the installation area.